Friday, February 16, 2018

Honda Interior Care: Clean it Like a Professional

There are times when a simple trip to the car wash and a vacuum gets your Honda clean enough. However, there are times when you want a detailed clean, but you don’t want to pay for it. These are the times when knowing certain tips and tricks for cleaning can come in handy. Here are some tips on how you can clean your Honda’s interior like a pro.

Remove All Items

First things first, before you can clean you must have a clear area to clean. Take two bags out to your car and fill one with any trash you have lying around, and the other with personal items you want to keep. Once you have finished cleaning, you can organize your personal items and place them back in the car where they belong.

Handle the Dust

Cleaning out your vents should be your first cleaning duty so that you don’t get dust and dirt on anything else you have already cleaned. Take a small air compressor and blow out your air ducts. This not only removes the visual dirt from the vents, but it clears out the musty smelling build up inside. If needed, use Q-tips to wipe out any missed crevices.

Vacuum and Remove the Spots and Stains

Next you will want to vacuum up all the loose dust and dirt on the seats, floors, and surrounding areas. This will leave a clear view of any spots or stains that need to be removed. Although there are many great tips for getting out stains in carpet and fabric upholstery, the best tip is to combine a gallon of hot water, a generous amount of dish detergent, and about a cup of white vinegar. Then take a brush and scrub the solution into your stain. Use a rag to blot away any excess water. (Remember: proper Honda maintenance can help it maintain a good trade-in value.)

Clean Surface Areas

Usually the surface areas of the dash, consoles, and doors, are a combination of different materials. The easiest and most effective way to get them clean is to spray window cleaner on a rag and then wipe them clean. By using window cleaner, you will prevent smudges on plastic while getting all areas clean. For an added shine to vinyl areas, you can use Armor All, which not only adds shine but protects the vinyl from drying and cracking.

Glass in Last

The very last thing you should clean in your car is all the windows and mirrors. Pay close attention if you have tinted windows, as window cleaner with ammonia will potentially ruin your tint. So be sure you choose a window cleaner that is ammonia free. Additionally some rags have a lot of lint and can leave debris on your windows. Instead use paper towels or cleaning clothes made for glass.

There are a lot of great tips and tricks out there for getting your Honda’s interior cleaned like a pro. Although this list may not include all of those tips, it is complete and will help you get your car extremely clean.

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